The Confession by Robert Whitlow

The Confession - Robert Whitlow

The Confession artfully develops a duplicitous conflict between an accidental teen death, solely witnessed by Holt, a District Attorney to be, that later unearths an unrelated cold-case cover up. Holt risks exposure of his secret past in his quest to unearth buried truths, as he finds a murder investigation was falsified by associates of his own public service arena. Holt risks his career along with his heart of dedication. While he pursues exposure of the truth, he grows closer to living the truth; ultimately forcing him to face his own secret past.


A gripping conflict that gradually erodes Holt's strongholds, a concurrent love triangle as a sidebar, and a thought provoking spiritual journey are all woven together with plenty of intrigue. While the development of conflict is really powerful, the anticipation was overshadowed by a lacklustre denouement. The love story carries significant depth, yet the female characters represent flimsy backdrops against a lengthy list of motive-rich perpetrators. Most profound is the infusion of heartfelt spiritual awakening in Holt that feels natural, methodical, and refreshing in the midst of murder and mayhem.


I highly recommend this novel for lovers of murder mysteries, legal dramas, and conflict accentuated through lies and deceit. Those seeking a strong Christian message will find solace in the seamless blending of characters with strong Biblical foundations; I felt it fresh and innate to this tale of deceit. A crescendo of anticipation is palpable throughout, yet in the supposed day of reckoning; the collision of opposing forces seems to disintegrate like two trains passing in the night. Relative to the build, I felt empty; hungry for the crash and burn; secretly desiring a conflict riddled resolution; disappointed yet devoted to an extraordinary plot line summoned up by Robert Whitlow.


I would recommend this novel to murder mystery lovers and Christians alike. Well written, gripping, modest characters, and the mastery of conflict building kept me turning pages.


I provided this review in exchange for a free copy of the novel.