Art In The Blood by Bonnie MacBird

Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure (Sherlock Holmes Adventures) -  'Bonnie MacBird'

Art In The Blood is a masterfully written adventure into the world of Sherlock Holmes, set in the era of Jack the Ripper; in London as it should be. Written from the perspective of Dr. John Watson, the pair are summoned to the assistance of a Parisian Mademoiselle. They are soon swept up into a web of infidelity, royalty, and a maliciously dark culture of Old England. The plot unfolds in a rich, undulating texture of colorful characters, stately settings, and histoirre de l'art; detailed through sculptures, paintings and their respective art masters. La Culture Francaise is laced throughout the novel, while grim shadows of death and despair unfold in the English countryside.


As one expects with any Sherlock portrayal, plot twists are rich and aptly mysterious. Page turns as well as Chapter progression will grab the readers attention, right to the final paragraph. The final chapter neatly tidies up loose plot elements that may artfully leave questions hanging 'til the end. Polish up on your French, 'oui', but don't forget Watson is a Brit with like syntax and Grammar; all superbly languishing the reader in the culture of circa 1880's Europe.


As an avid lover of Sherlock-esque novels and movies, I would of course (bien sur) recommend this read with great acclaim. Riveting, heart wrenching, conflicts abound, leaving you edge-sitting up to the next plot twist. Rich characters; true to Sherlock characters; original plot line; cannot wait 'til the next one.


I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for a review.