Missing You by Harlan Coben

Missing You - Harlan Coben

Missing You depicts the familiar yearning of once young hearts to reunite, with the ever-so-present-day dangers of internet dating; gone wrong.........gone deadly. Kat is a 40 something, boldly going, New York City detective, who is enticed (enrolled) by her BFF,   to find love on the internet. Her curiosity soon becomes twisted into a tale of rekindled love; love gone wrong via an emotional-hijacking criminal enterprise. Kat's search for love is complicated by the search for her father's killer. Soon, Kat's father's (and Kat's) friends at the precinct are found to carry secrets; a hidden past that impacts her search for love and, ultimately, justice for Henry.


The element of suspense is woven throughout Missing You, while engaging the reader in the current day true-to-life horrors of internet exposure. Nearly all who dare read this novel will be captivated, and yet stiffened with fear, over this exposee of our Ashley-Madison-like culture. Text messaging, voice mail, and phone conversations are threads connecting us all to the ones we love; or are they disordered connections to the sinful, deadly side of human existence. Lock your doors, secure your passwords, look over your shoulder, can you be certain you are secure. Read this novel and you may never communicate with anyone again, albeit unless they are square, dead in front of you.


Missing You takes you on a modern day journey through the insecurity of our "secure" connections of the 21st century. I would highly recommend this read to everyone, cepin maybe those that are seeking love online. Complex, interwoven, deadly plot is expertly depicted by Harlem Coben to make you feel ...........securely insecure of your online presence in the Internet generation.